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HAIR BAND - Wool felted Cushion Cover

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The ‘Hair Band’ motif on the cushion reflects the desire to marriage for women. The style in which Anatolian women adorn their hair is a silent gesture, which symbolizes their social status.
If the hair is tied back in a long braid, this tells the girl is single and ready to marry, where married girls braid their hair both sides.
In a way, the hair band is the natural and moral manifestation of a woman expectations from life and gives her an aesthetic superiority.

MADE WITH ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS: 100% wool, soap and hot water.
CUSHION SIZE: 45X45 cm / 18x18 inches approx.
CARE: Machine washing can risk misshaping them so we don't recommend it.
This might damage the strength of the felt and other natural properties of the wool felt.
. If your product is not so dirty, clean it with a dry and soft brush.
. You can wash with soap or shampoo at a maximum of 30 °C, rinse with plenty of water, and dry thoroughly to correct the shape.
.Please do not use bleach, harsh detergents, dryer sheets or high heat