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EYE BLACK Handmade Wool Felted Cushion Cover


The people who lived in Anatolia believe that some people possess power in their glance called evil eye which causes harm, injury, misfortune, and even death to exposed ones.
"Eye vs eye" motif on the cushion has been deemed as the most effective method for resisting such attacks.
Through the belief that the human eye is the best protection against evil gazes, these eye motifs have been drawing where extra reassurance is needed.
For thousands of years, an object resembling an eye in shape or color or sometimes together has been used as an amulet against the evil eye in these ancient lands.

MADE WITH ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS: 100% wool, soap and hot water.
CUSHION SIZE: 45X45 cm / 18x18 inches approx.
CARE: Machine washing can risk misshaping them so we don't recommend it.
This might damage the strength of the felt and other natural properties of the wool felt.
. If your product is not so dirty, clean it with a dry and soft brush.
. You can wash with soap or shampoo at a maximum of 30 °C, rinse with plenty of water, and dry thoroughly to correct the shape.
.Please, do not use bleach, harsh detergents, dryer sheets or high heat. The cushion is not included.